Peace Rose offers its student a unique outdoor learning experience. Our Pine Campus property sits on an acre of land and boasts a beautiful forest full of nature to observe, a creek teeming with life, an organic fruit and vegetable garden, and an educational farm program. 

We are proud to offer:

* A hands-on animal experience! Thanks to our many chickens, two rabbits, guinea pig, birds, fish, and a hamster we offer students at our Pine Campus a unique opportunity to care for animals on a day to day basis. Through animal studies the students learn compassion and responsibility. 

* An environmentally responsible waste management system. We carefully divide our waste into  categories- composting, animal food, recycling, and trash. We are proud to be sending less than one bag of trash each month to the landfill.

Our organic fruit and vegetable garden. We are excited to offer a fruit and vegetable garden at both campuses that are 100% organic, heirloom, and GMO free. Our garden feeds our animals and our community thanks to our donation-based farm stand available at the front desk and an outdoor stand the first Wednesday of every month. This entrepreneurial venture allows our students to become invested in the future of the farm. 


* Outdoor Classroom. Wilmington's temperate climate allows us to offer our students a year-round outdoor experience. At our Azalea Campus students can take full advantage of a shaded outdoor work space.

On a daily basis we enjoy the outdoors with over an hour of outdoor play and exploration. Our students are well equipped with gear for rainy weather and full sun, we enjoy outdoor learning in all seasons!