Toddler / Pre-Primary Classroom

Ages: 18 months - 3 years

Classroom Activities: Fine and gross motor, grace and courtesy, music and movement, reading and vocabulary enrichment, art, self care, care of environment, developmentally appropriate Montessori materials

Areas of the classroom: Practical Life, Personal Care, Sensorial, Art, Language, Math, Reading, Resting, Science and Geography, Spanish, Yoga, Gross Motor

Daily Schedule:  (the schedule may change throughout the school year to accommodate the changing needs of the class and the season)  

7:45-8:15      Morning drop-off - select rug works, books, optional breakfast

8:15-8:30      Morning group - songs / lessons

8:30-9:45      Independent workcycle, small group lessons, individual snack prep and eating

9:15-9:45      Toileting / Diapering

9:45-10:00      Group time - songs, stories, group lessons or games

10:00-10:15      Lower Primary group lesson

10:15-11:15      Outside Play

11:15-11:30     Diapering / Toileting / hand washing

11:30-11:40      Lower Primary group story and discussion / toddler lunch

11:30-12:15      Lunch

12:15-12:30      Transition to nap / toileting / book on cot

12:30-2:30      Nap

2:30-3:00      Diapering / Toileting, Optional Afternoon Snack

3:00-3:10      Transition for dismissal / group reading

3:10-3:30          Dismissal

Diapering - In the Montessori classroom we do standing diaper changes for all students, this helps the children to be involved in the process.  They pull down their pants, sit on the potty, wipe their bodies to their best ability with a “double check” from the teacher, pull up their own pants and wash their hands - much independence!  We have 3 group diaper changes during the day and check and change soiled diapers throughout the day as needed.

Toilet Training - We will look for “signs of readiness” to begin the toilet training process usually around the  20-24 month mark unless younger students are showing readiness signs and are able to communicate with us when they need to use the toilet. When a student shows us they are ready to begin the toilet training process in the classroom we will notify the parents to begin the process at home as well for consistency.  There are training toilets in the classroom as well as access to a toddler-ready bathroom. Newly toilet training students are prompted to use the toilet every hour to hour and a half until they show that they are able to use the toilet on their own without a cue from a teacher. When accidents occur, the student is encouraged to be a part of the clean up process and dress him or herself to the best of their ability.  Toileting is a social experience in the toddler class- while we do have privacy, toileting in a group allows students to learn from each other and draw motivation from their peers success.  


The Pre-Primary Group in the classroom consists of the students who have turned 2 by the beginning of the school year. This group comes together for a group lesson daily focusing on Math concepts, Cultures from around the world, Geography, Pre-reading and Pre-writing skills, Spanish vocabulary, and thematic lessons based on holidays or the time of year.  This group also comes together for a group story reading time every day followed by a discussion or questions based on the story.