During the Montessori work-cycle students have freedom of movement to work at a table or a mat with the material of their choice. Students work independently, with their peers, or with a teacher. Children have independence within a set curriculum. Our Upper Primary / Kindergarten classroom serves a community of students ages 3-6 with 30 students and 3 teachers. This large, spacious classroom includes both Pre-K and Kindergarten.

Students work together during the morning workcycle- they have group, lunch, and outside time together. In the afternoon from 1:00-2:45, students move into smaller groups with one teacher. The Saplings are ages 3 and up, these students are first year primary and take a rest time during the day. The Basil Bunch group are students who are no longer resting and have built stamina to have a longer afternoon work day. These students have a small afternoon work time. The Kindergarteners are ages 5-6 years old and have their afternoon lessons during this time.

Group Time is an important way to start the day and come together as a classroom. Lessons, class protocols, yoga, Spanish, stories, birthday Walks Around the Sun, and Passport Presentations are all group activities.

Practical Life promotes care of self, others, and environment through carefully planned exercises that promote fine motor development, pre-reading work, and home life skills. 

Sensorial allows students to explore all of the senses through hands-on materials that develop interest in language, math, geometry.

Math lessons move through number and quantities, leading into the decimal system with the "bead work" to explore addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Science exploration happens in and outside the classroom in areas such as botany, animal life, earth science, and social studies. 

Language expression is in all areas of the classroom. Children learn a great respect for language as they learn sound work, letter recognition, proper hand-writing, reading, phonograms, and classification. 

Art with our students include art "themes" which are inspired by the season and cultural studies- creating projects, learning techniques, tools, and art history are part of the artistc approach.

Music is present in the classroom through instrument exploration and group lessons. The children learn Spanish, cultural, seasonal, and classic songs in a group setting. The children also learn performance skills by participating in solos, duets, and trios.

Cultural Studies & Geography are presented in the classroom though country and continent studies, puzzle maps, our school wide "Passport Project", literature & art, and classroom discussions.

Spanish language and culture is presented in a formal group lesson and used through out the day by the child's interest during interactions, commands, vocabulary and cultural studies. 

Peace Education is a pillar in our Montessori classroom. Conflict resolution and global peace studies are worked upon and discussed frequently in the primary classroom.

Yoga and Health is available and practiced daily. Group is a great time to move and learn personal & partner poses. Students get over one hour of outdoor play after lunch. Physical Education is taught each Friday.