Primary & Kindergarten Classroom

Ages: 3-6 years

“Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.” - Maria Montessori


In addition to our work with Math, Language, Sensorial, and Practical Life we offer a rich study of history, culture, arts, and science. 

  • Our science curriculum explores subjects from our school farm to the cosmos, with a special focus on the animal kingdom. 

  • Our history curriculum is rooted in the experience of First Peoples. Throughout the year we discuss the ways that humans have migrated all over the world, built civilizations, and merged cultures. Each month we study a different continent and explore the history, culture, language, and global impact of that continent. This cultural study drives lessons in each area of our classroom. 

  • Spanish is integrated into our daily group and individual lessons. Students will learn conversational Spanish as it relates to their environment and person. 

  • Our teachers are trained in the Get Grounded yoga curriculum. Students are regularly lead through group yoga sequences and also have the opportunity to use our yoga area to practice at their own pace. 

  • Music is offered in group daily and our song selection changes throughout the seasons. Students will also perform at two concerts- our winter program and our end of the year program. These programs involve group, duet, and solo performances. Instruments are available in the classroom music area for use during morning work cycle. 

  • Art is available for students to choose each day both in Practical Life and in a designated art area. Throughout the year we will study different techniques and expressions of art as well as famous artists who have made an impact on the cultures we study. 

  • Each week students work with our physical education teacher. PE allows the students to learn ball sports, games, and to refine their gross motor skills. 

Daily Schedule: 

Drop-off line 7:45-8:15, Work Cycle 7:45-10:45, 2nd Group, Lunch @ 11:15am, Outside Time, Afternoon Rest/Quiet Work Time, classroom tidying/prepare for dismissal/aftercare, dismissal 3:15-3:30. 

Student Groups

Our students are on a three year cycle with two thirds of the class being pre-kindergarten and one third being kindergarteners. Students that begin the year as 3 year olds are “Saplings” while students who begin the year as 4 year olds are, generally, “Basil Bunch.” The primary distinction between these two groups is that Saplings nap in the afternoon whereas Basil Bunch joins a teacher for an afternoon lesson. Kindergarten students have an afternoon group lesson and work period.